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Just a Short Walk is a blog showing you what to expect when you head out for your family and pet-friendly adventures on the Gualala and Sea Ranch coast.


Erin and her dog Honey will take you along on walks and let you know what to expect as far as:  ease of trail (kids/elderly accessibility), how to dress (there's nothing worse than getting out onto a trail and realizing you should have worn your hiking boots!), notable sights to watch out for, and there will be pros and cons listed at the end of each public trail.

If you are a vacation renter through Coasting Home Inc., you will have a special bonus of getting to see trails that are close to (or even directly from) some Gualala and Sea Ranch homes!

That means if you are wanting to choose between a quick easy walk to a sandy beach, or a long grassy trail through a meadow, or a harder hike up in the hilly terrain, you can take a sneak peek to see what looks best to you and your family!


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