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Walk-On Beach Public Access Trail

Walk-On Beach is a great beach to walk to when you want to spend a few hours playing in the sand. The parking area is at 40101 Highway One in Sea Ranch and the trail to the beach is less than a half mile one way.

There are plenty of parking spots as well as a restroom in a nice, shaded parking area. Once we were ready, we headed down the path through trees and down to a crosswalk- *check for cars before stepping off the curb*!

Once across the paved road, the trail leads through Cypress trees out to the bluff where you will see a sign pointing to Walk-On Beach.

This trail will take you to two beaches! The first beach is a smaller cove accessed by stairs from a wooden bridge just before Walk-On Beach.

This smaller beach has lots of rocks and large driftwood; it's fun to explore for a while, but there is little sand.

There is a sign on the bridge showing to head left to Walk-On Beach, but I always turn right and follow the path to the point that overlooks the cove first. The views never get old here.

Back to the path, it's only a short way to the stairs that lead down to the beach. These stairs are steep but sturdy, so hang on to the railing and take your time going up and down.

Once on the beach, you have a quarter mile of sand to enjoy!

Towards the middle of the beach, there is a seasonal creek, driftwood logs, and rocks to play on, but remember to save some energy for the walk back.

Heading back up the stairs can be challenging as they are steep, but there is a bench at the top to sit and catch your breath or wait for the others in your group to get up there.

Heading back to your car, the views are sure to keep you smiling the whole way, even back up into the trees.

PROS: Bathroom,

Easy Access,

Fun beach

CONS: None

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