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Pelican Bluffs Blufftop Trail

On a sunny Sunday morning, my husband and I decided to head up to the Pelican Bluffs trail in Point Arena. The drive from Gualala to the Pelican Bluffs parking lot only took about 20 minutes.  

We had both never been here before and were pleasantly surprised to see how well-maintained the trails were! We followed the Blufftop Trail south into some cypress trees, which opened up to the most beautiful ocean view on the other side.

Heads up: One branch is super low to the ground, and you must duck very low to get underneath it; there is no other way to pass.  

The further we got on the trail, the more we regretted not visiting here sooner! At one point along the way, there is a bench with the most breathtaking views- take a minute to sit and soak up the scenery!

Farther down the trail, an excellent sign shows how these cliffs formed from years of erosion and changing sea levels. 

There used to be another bench at the very end of the trail, but it fell into the ocean during our last big storm! Because of this, the trail ends a little early, clearly marked with a chain and a sign. Do not try to go farther; the cliffs will crumble!

As we were heading back, we realized that we had been walking slightly downhill most of the way earlier, so it was a bit harder on the return trip; we were both a little out of breath when we got up to the truck. We look forward to returning to walk the other two loops of the trail. Stay tuned!

Remember to keep your dogs on the trail and out of the grass as much as possible! And check you and your pets thoroughly for ticks when you return to your vehicle. A fun walk can become a huge bummer when you find a tick biting you later!

Pros: Good parking and clear trails. 

Informational signs along the way.

Cons: No bathroom.

That one low branch that was hard to pass underneath.

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