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Pebble Beach Public Access

Pebble Beach in the Sea Ranch is a hidden gem tucked away on a slight curve on Highway One; if you weren't looking for it, you would most likely speed right by. And this hidden gem has many of its own hidden gems- the tide pools that are left behind when the tide pulls out!

This beach is a must see during low tide, but is very dangerous to swim in.

The address for the public access parking is 36498 Highway One; you will see the large Sonoma County Parks/Pebble Beach sign. There is only enough parking for a few vehicles, so try to carpool if you are driving. The restroom in the parking area is always a happy sight when you spend the day outside!

The trail is about 1/4-mile one way and easy to walk- good for little kids- but it has gotten somewhat washed out during our recent heavy rains and is uneven for its first half. Use caution and wear some shoes that you don't mind getting muddy!

Following the trail through the meadow, you will end up on the bluff with the most gorgeous views overlooking Pebble Beach.

The key to tide-pooling is getting there at low tide, so I recommend checking before you make your plans for the day.

The stairs to the beach are sturdy and well-maintained, making access a breeze!

Adventure awaits once you are down on the beach; have fun exploring!

Please remember that all the tide pool creatures are alive, so handle everything carefully and leave it where you found it when you are done!

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