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Backpack is a large four-bedroom, three-bathroom home ideally located at the end of a cul-de-sac, walking distance from Walk-On Beach in the Sea Ranch.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when my husband and I decided to walk from Backpack to Walk-On Beach. We headed out down Backpack (Backpack is the road name, thus the house name) and took a left at the bottom to where the public trail begins. There is a crosswalk you will see to your left- that is the trailhead!

We followed the trail to the end, where the sign tells you which way to go for Walk-On Beach.

Following the directions to Walk-On, we crossed a little bridge and came out onto the most beautiful blufftop! You can see another wooden bridge ahead with a long staircase to a little beach. The whole scene is like something you would find on a postcard!

When you reach that bridge, you will see a sign pointing to Walk-On Beach; keep going; it is just above the rise!

The stairs to Walk-On are steep but sturdy- hang on to the rail and take your time if you need to!

Once down on the beach, there's nothing else to do except have fun! The waves are strong, and this beach is not for swimming, but a small seasonal creek with large driftwood logs towards the middle of the beach is suitable for the little ones.

A helpful tip for this walk if you have young kids with you is to save some energy for the walk back! The hill going back up to the house is steeper than it looks and can be challenging at the end of a long beach day!

If you are not a guest of Coasting Home and would like to see inside Backpack for yourself, here is a virtual tour:

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