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Updated: Jan 20

Sea Garden is a vacation home in Sea Ranch at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. There are many nearby trails to choose from, and it is situated between Black Point Beach to the south and Pebble Beach to the north, both accessible on foot from the home!

My husband and I were at Sea Garden and wanted to get a walk in before the weather got worse; it had been windy and grey all day, and rain was in the forecast. As we bundled up and left the house, we walked up Whalers Reach and decided to take the trail to the right through the meadow.

The trailhead starts at the base of some large rocks and leads through marshy/wet grassy meadow areas. In the winter time, I recommend some good hiking boots or shoes you are okay with getting muddy- the meadow trail is saturated in several regions and dips down, forming some deep puddles (if you walk the bluff trails, regular shoes will suffice).

Once through the meadow, that trail meets the bluff trail, and you can head either north or south; we headed south towards Black Point Beach.

By this time in the walk, the winds were picking up and it was starting to sprinkle, but just as we were about to turn around, we saw the most beautiful waterfall across the cove falling down the cliff onto the beach!

We walked close enough to get some good pictures and enjoy the view for as long as the weather would allow.

Finally, we turned around and began the walk back; we stayed on the bluff trail this time instead of the meadow trail. There were several points along the way back to overlook the ocean from out on the rocks and bluff above- a very different feel than the meadow walk we took to get there!

After enjoying the ocean sights, we turned and followed the trail that connects back to Whalers Reach and then back to Sea Garden.

Because we chose to walk through the meadow, we needed to do a thorough tick check on ourselves and our dog Honey (they love her!), and I highly recommend that you do the same every time you are done walking through the grass any time of year! Tick bites can become very serious, and they are sneaky little guys, so take your time checking everywhere!

If you are not a guest and would like to see inside the Sea Garden home for yourself, here is a virtual tour:

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