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PRIVATE TRAIL; RENTAL GUESTS ONLY- Sculpture Point to Pebble Beach

Sculpture Point is a cozy 2-bedroom home on the Sea Ranch with an enclosed courtyard, hot tub, and only a very short walk away from Pebble Beach!

My husband and I were visiting when we decided to head out to enjoy the sunny day. We wanted to go to Pebble Beach, but since it is so close to the house, we decided to take a longer route. We headed out, walking left from the driveway and then another left onto Sculpture Point Drive. This road is not a through road for vehicles, but a walking path continues past the paved road.

There is a smaller trail that cuts off to the right of the gravel path with a sign marking the public trail; this takes us to Pebble Beach.

This trail was pretty muddy and slippery in some spots, so watch your step!

Once we got through the muddy parts, it opened back up to meadows, and we could see the ocean ahead. We were excited to get to the beach because it was low tide, and Pebble Beach is great for tidepools! When our current trail met the blufftop trail, we turned right and headed to the most beautiful overlook to enjoy the waterfall and beach view.

A little farther up the trail from that overlook point is the entry to Pebble Beach, which is clearly marked with a sign and wooden stairs leading down to the beach.

We timed our beach visit just right so that we were able to see the tidepools- even Honey had fun checking them out!

After spending over an hour exploring the tide pools, we walked back along the beach to the other set of stairs- the northern set of stairs- which took us back up to the bluff trail.

You will see a trail leading straight to the paved cul-de-sac which is Navigators Reach. It is basically a straight shot back to the house from the beach!

If you want to walk directly from Sculpture Point to Pebble Beach, simply walk to the end of the cul-de-sac and you will see the large driftwood standing tall marking the entrance to Pebble Beach.

If you are not a guest and would like to see inside Sculpture Point for yourself, here is a virtual tour:

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